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CEL   Engineering   LTD.

We want to introduce ourselves as a leading Waste & water Management Technology Company “CEL ENGINEERING”. in Bangladesh. Our Company technologist has 25 years of experience in ETP, WTP designing, Erectioning & Commissioning. Company has B.SC Engineer (Chemical, BUET) & Specialized trained in ETP, WTP, and Water Management from Japan and Taiwan.

CEL ENGINEERING LTD has been doing total solution of Effluent water Treatment plants for over a decade. The economy of our future world relies on Green technologies and wastewater management. We are an established and popular company with an excellent record of accomplishment. It is a green innovative company. 

CEL ENGINEERING LTD.’s primary focus is on ETP, WTP, SOFTENER PLANT, REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANTS, and spare parts supply for all the above and Annual Maintenance Contacts.CEL is a leading firm in this field and has outstanding proven records. CEL has well-qualified and experienced staff and with their best ideas, CEL deals with these technologies. CEL deals in designing and deploying Wastewater Management projects.


CEL ENGINEERING LTD. The vision is to become a world-class company in the field of waste water management technology in Bangladesh.


The Company’s Mission is to fully integrate environmental Leadership into the Company business by minimizing waste disposal maximizing waste recycling and recovery for our customers and making Bangladesh Green.


The company’s Goal is to achieve sustainable development in Bangladesh and the Company is fully committed to balancing out the creation of economic, environmental, and social values.


  1. ETP, WTP Fire Fighting & RO
  2. Annual Maintenance Service 
  3. Training


1. Effluent Treatment Plant 

  • Conventional Biological
  • Conventional Chemical
  • Biological Conventional Che
  • MBR System

2. Industrial Water Treatment Plants

  • RO System (Re-Use) / R0 Piant (Raw Water)
  • Evaporation System ( Multiple Effect)
  • Softener

3. Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) 

  • ETP Laboratory Equipments ( Do, Ph, Tds, etc.)
  • Commercial & Residence Reveres Osmosis Plant
  • Swimming Pool& House Hold water Treatment Plant
  • Hot & Cold Water Generation System
  • Pumps, Blowers & Etp Items Suppliers
  • Water Softeners, ETP & WTP Chemicals




PRICE :12000 TK

Our Expertise

– On-site visit and analysis
– Complete project management
– Designing & manufacturing of equipment
– Installation works
– Commissioning of the plant including training to operators
– After-sales service and AMC programs

Let us help you migrate towards the future. Call us and we’ll help you find the right answers for your water treatment needs.