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We are the domestic leading water and wastewater treatment solutions company in Bangladesh from 2005 and subsequently registered Private Limited Company by shares in the year of 2009. As a consultant and turnkey solution provider we are providing the most advanced technological, sustainable and cost effective water and wastewater handling system almost for all the sectors considering Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Residential, Hospital, Hotel, etc.

We are advancing on a tremendous pace and with involvement of skilled and experienced people working in the organization.

We are committed to helping our customers find engineering solutions that deliver immediate and long-term, bottom line results. CEL desires to work with great sense of urgency, encouraging team work and fast decision making.


CEL Engineering Ltd. is doing business for total solution of Effluent Water Treatment plant more than decade. The economy on our future world relies on Green Technologies and Wastewater management. We are the Green innovative company. Our prima focus is on ETP, WTP, Softener Plant and Reverse Osmosis Plant. CEL is ready to provide pure and healthy drinking water at affordable prices for all individuals. 

CEL Engineering Ltd. is further committed to a company of trust with social contribution and environmental care on priority by further organizing suitable management.